Alto Cheese Award Winning

Chuck Zimmerman

Alto Dairy CooperativeWe posted the results of the recent 2005 World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest and one of the winners has proudly proclaimed their winnings. I just received their release from my Google News Alert.

Alto’s Colby – Jack and Mozzarella cheeses placed first in their categories. Colby – Jack made at the Black Creek cheese plant earned 99.95 points out of a possible 100, while the Mozzarella entry from Waupun merited 99.10 out of 100 possible points. A block of cheddar cheese from Alto Dairy also placed second in its class.

Within the past three years Alto Dairy’s Mozzarella has won ten major cheese awards in national and state cheese competitions. “The ongoing commitment to produce high quality milk by Alto dairy member-producers combined with a promise to deliver on excellence by Alto employees is credited to the number of cheese awards Alto earns,” said Rich Scheuerman, Alto’s CEO. “Everyone involved should feel very proud of these outstanding accomplishments.”

Alto Dairy is a member-owned cooperative of dairy producers manufacturing more than 550,000 pounds of American and Italian-style cheese per day at the company’s Waupun and Black Creek, WI facilities from a daily intake of more than five million pounds of milk. For more information, visit