Expo Dates To 2016

Chuck Zimmerman

It’s getting closer to showtime but it’s never too early to start thinking about next year, and the year after that, and . . . the dates are already set way out to 2016! How many of you plan that far out? Me, I’m just looking forward to packing for a week in Madison. I just found out about where I’ll be set up. I’m going to have my own little office with my own high speed internet access line and we’ll see how much information I can bring you during the coming several weeks.

How many of you use Google or Yahoo? Sometimes it’s interesting to see what comes up when you search for yourself. I just searched for “World Dairy Diary” and Google came up with 667 returns and Yahoo with 1,870. A few months ago there were none. I promise there will be a lot more by the end of the show!

Future Dates
2006, October 3-7
2007, October 2-6
2008, September 30-October 4
2009, September 29-October 3
2010, September 28-October 2
2011, October 4-8
2012, October 2-6
2013, October 1-5
2014, September 30-October 4
2015, September 29-October 3
2016, October 4-8