Kamps Champs In Superbowl

Chuck Zimmerman

Croplan GeneticsMore companies are showing their pride in World Dairy Expo winners. Take Croplan Genetics which just made the announcement about Jacob Kamps and his achievement.

Jacob Kamps, of Darlington, Wis., took Grand Champion honors in the 2005 World’s Forage Analysis Superbowl. Kamps is a Croplan Genetics customer and seeded his winning entry with LegenDairy YPQ.

For his efforts, Croplan Genetics will give Kamps $3,440 in cash, or $10 for each Relative Forage Quality point in his winning entry. Croplan Genetics will also provide World’s Forage Analysis Superbowl jackets to all the Champions in other categories and to Kamps as the Grand Champion.

“The Kamps name is familiar to a lot of people because they’ve been consistent qualifiers and winners in competitions,” says Dennis Gehler, forage products manager. “Their big win demonstrates the genetic potential of Croplan Genetics alfalfa combined with excellent harvesting management and agronomic practices.”

More information on Croplan Genetics LegenDairy YPQ is available online at www.croplangenetics.com.

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