The High Priced Property Effect

Chuck Zimmerman

The Inland Empire area in California is losing dairies rapidly. With the look of land prices there it’s no wonder. It’s hard to imagine land at up to a half million dollars an acre when you live in the midwest! This story is in

Once home to one of the nation’s largest concentrations of dairy farms, the Inland Empire’s $500-million dairy industry is rapidly evaporating as dozens of farmers sell out to real estate developers.

In the last two years, more than 160 dairies — nearly 80% of those operating just a year ago — have either been sold or are in escrow, according to the Milk Producers Council, a trade association based in Chino.

It’s that urban sprawl thing going on and as the article quoted one dairyman, “”People and cows don’t mix,” said longtime dairyman Bill Van Leeuwen.”

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