Bio-terror And The Dairy Industry

Chuck Zimmerman

Dairy Farmers of AmericaWe’re hearing a lot about bio-security in agriculture today. If you wonder how the issue is being handled in the dairy business then you should listen to what Pennsylvania dairy producer Lew Gardner has to say. He testified at a field hearing of the Senate Ag Subcommittee on Research, Nutrition, and General Legislation earlier this month. The subject was “Agriculture’s preparedness in the face of bio-terror threats.” Gardner, who chairs the Northeast Council of Dairy Farmers of America, says his testimony covered a lot of ground. He also points out the dairy industry is ahead of most of the rest of U.S. agriculture in hardening itself against possible bio-terror attacks. You can hear Gardner here.

You can also find more on this story, including more audio with Lew Gardner on the DFA website here.

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