76th Annual Hoard’s Dairyman Cow Judging Contest

Chuck Zimmerman

Hoard's DairymanFrom Andy Vance at Buckeye Ag Radio Network:

I just got my official Entry Blank! If you subscribe to Hoard’s you already have the different classes – five in all – that will be evaluated to determine this year’s contest winners. If you’re like me and missed a couple of issues, you can email hoards@hoards.com to request reprints of each class. You will evaluate four head each of fine Brown Swiss, Holstein, Guernsey, Ayrshire, and Jersey cattle. Each class provides you with profile, rear udder, and rear tailhead perspectives from which to place the class. The deadline for entries in the 76th annual contest is March 23rd, and the contest is open in both individuals and teams of four, with each contestant placed in either the Senior; Junior; 4-H Club, FFA Chapter, or College Team; Family; and Ag Ed Instructor divisions. Winners will be selected in each division, with prizes of up to $100 for the winner in each division. In all, over 26 cash awards will be presented. I’ve just finished placing my classes, and I’ll probably study them for at least another week before finally settling on my final card and mailing the entry. Good luck, and be sure to let me know what you think of each class by posting your comments here!

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