A Cheesy Story From The Northeast

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s an interesting story about making cheese in Maine on The Kindred Times. Sounds like a chore to get cheddar lovers in Maine to adapt to some new tastes.

Franklin Peluso uses his hands to squeeze and press heaping mounds of curds and whey to get the moisture content and texture just right as he makes up a batch of his brie-like cheese in a region best known for its cheddars.

A decade ago, just a handful of people made cheese in Maine. These days, the state has more than 20 cheese makers crafting varieties such as French and Tuscan herbed curd, Camembert, chevre in olive oil, and dill and garlic goat roule, in addition to traditional cheddars and Monterey Jacks.

The story sites a couple of websites you might be interested in, Maine Cheese Guild and The American Cheese Society.

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