Dairyman Tapped to Promote Tasker Footbath and Calf Spray

Andy Vance

He may not be your typical company spokesman, but Tasker Capital has tapped a New Mexico dairyman to lead the sales and marketing efforts of their new footbath and calf spray products. Klaas Sonsma, breeder and manager of the K&B Dairy in Hobbs, New Mexico will be the face of the company’s sales efforts on these two products. K&B is a 1400 cow facility that has been testing Tasker’s Unifresh Footbath, a concentrate that cleans and disinfects the hooves using Tasker’s proprietary pHarlo technology, a highly charged and acidified bacteriostatic solution. After using the footbath, Sonsma commented that the product had “virtually rid my fairy of digital dermatitis and interdigital papillomatosis.”

The company also produces Unifresh Calf Pen Spray, is designed to neutralize ammonia in bedding areas.

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