Savor a Slimmer Summer

Chuck Zimmerman

Slimmer SummerEveryone wants a spring break body. Now you can have a slimmer summer with 3-A-Day of Dairy’s 3-Week Healthy Lifestyle Start-Up Plan. They’re supporting the campaign with new radio spots that tell you how easy it is to incorporate dairy into your diet. Here’s a couple of them for you:

Listen To MP3 Banana (45 sec MP3)
Listen To MP3 Pizza (30 sec MP3)

Here’s what the slimmer summer plan is all about.

It includes tips for cutting calories, exercising and getting 3 servings of dairy a day as part of a healthy diet. Research shows that including 3 daily servings of milk, cheese or yogurt in a reduced-calorie weight loss plan can help adults achieve better results, when it comes to trimming the waistline and burning more fat, than just cutting calories alone and consuming little or no dairy.1

To create the 3-Week Healthy Lifestyle Start-Up Plan, 3-A-Day of Dairy teamed up with Michael Sena, fitness expert, personal trainer and author of “Lean Mom, Fit Family.” Each week features healthy eating suggestions, calorie-cutting tips, strength training and cardiovascular exercises to help women take small steps toward their weight loss goals. There’s also a journal page that can be printed off each week to keep track of eating habits and physical activity. And just because it’s called a start-up plan doesn’t mean dieters have to stop using it
after the first three weeks. The plan is designed to be followed beyond the initial start-up to help meet your weight loss goals.

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