Dairy Policy Press Conference Planned

Chuck Zimmerman

Wisconsin Dairy Business AssociationThe Wisconsin Dairy Business Association will be conducting a press conference tomorrow to discuss how things are going in the dairy industry. It will be held at Winona State University.

The Wisconsin Dairy Business Association joined by dairy experts and producers will hold a press conference prior to the start of the House Agriculture Subcommittee Hearing to discuss the current state of the dairy industry and why the 2007 Farm Bill is critical for reforming federal dairy policy. Representing dairy farm families as well as processing entities, cooperatives, agricultural lenders and rural leaders, DBA will also unveil specific principles to reenergize the dairy industry and enable producers to compete in the marketplace.

WHO: John Vrieze — President, Wisconsin Dairy Business Association, Dr. Robert Cropp — Professor, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Wisconsin, Director, Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives, Dana Allen, PhD — Minnesota Diary Producer; Testifying on behalf of the Minnesota Milk Producers Association

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