Hearing From The Robotic Expert

Chuck Zimmerman

Gunnar PetterssonBefore we got to go into the dairy barn on today’s IFAJ Congress tour we learned about automatic or robotic milking from the expert.

He’s Gunnar Pettersson, Swedish University of Agricultural Science. He used a power point presentation but I recorded him anyway and am providing an edited version of that talk.

In his talk he mentions how much dairy producers like these automatic systems like the DeLaval one in use on the farm today. The main reason is how it changes the lifestyle of the farmer. It gives him/her more time for things other than managing the animals.

Pettersson says he been on many, many farms studying the best management practices and he’s found and helped quantify what a robotic system can mean to the producer.

You can listen to Pettersson here: Listen To MP3 Gunnar Pettersson Presentation (14 min MP3)

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