Screening Milk Hungry Aliens

Chuck Zimmerman

Got Milk AliensToday is the day that the Got Milk Aliens hit the movie theaters. You may remember this wacky campaign that was started earlier this year. Starting today that campaign will debut on a bunch of movie screens.

Here’s an excerpt from the release that annouced it last month.

One of America’s most popular television advertisers is turning its attention to the Silver Screen next month. Beginning November 17th GOT MILK?’s next generation commercial campaign — “ALIENS” — will debut on 600 movie screens. Well-known for its humorous 30 second TV spots depicting milk-deprived worlds, this is the first time GOT MILK? creators — the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB) — will run spots in cinema.

“This campaign represents a big departure for us on many fronts,” states Steve James, Chairman of the California Milk Processor Board. “It’s both a creative and distribution risk. But it’s imperative we find new ways to coax people out of their complacency about milk and do so in a way where they can’t change the channel.”

Especially for moviegoers, the five individual spots that make up the “ALIENS” campaign — ‘Landing Party,’ ‘Farmer,’ ‘Communication,’ ‘The Ship’ and ‘Homecoming’ — have been edited down into a sequential two-minute “mini- feature.” “Of all our campaigns, this one is worthy of a cinematic appearance,” continues James. “It’s really best seen all in one sitting. You could call it the Lord of the Rings of advertising.”

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