Starbuck Switch

News Editor

Starbucks is in the news again, this time the company has announced a switch from whole milk to 2-percent in four test markets. The coffee company sites health trends as the reason for the switch.

“We have been monitoring customers’ trends,” said Michelle Gass, senior vice president of global products for Starbucks. “Two percent milk is the No. 1 milk purchase in America. That is what people are buying and what they want.”

The testing began this week at more than 300 company-owned stores in Oregon; Orange County, Calif.; Jacksonville, Fla.; and London, Ontario. More than half — 172 — of the test stores are in Oregon. A switch to 2 percent milk from whole milk will lower the number of calories by 30 in tall (small size) and grande (medium size) lattes, the company said.

Gass said Starbucks could start using 2 percent milk in other markets, possibly including Seattle, based on the test results. “We will test this as long as it takes to get a real understanding if this is a win with our customers,” she said.

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