WeatherMaster Technology From ADM Alliance Nutrition

Chuck Zimmerman

WeatherMasterWhile I was attending the recent Cattle Industry Convention I met Brad Dalke, business manager, ADM Alliance Nutrition. He was there to discuss their new WeatherMaster technology. This technology, which ensures minerals will not leach out or break down in rainy or harsh weather conditions, is produced with naturally sourced ingredients and does not contain petroleum-based ingredients.

“The NCBA show offers ADM the opportunity to meet face-to-face with cattle producers across the country in order to share the important role that high quality mineral supplements play in achieving optimal cattle nutrition,” said Dr. Brad Dalke, Beef Business Manager, ADM Alliance Nutrition. “These discussions allow us to fulfill our commitment to meet the current demands of our customers while also envisioning their future needs.”

Listen to my interview with Brad here: Listen To MP3 Brad Dalke Interview (3 min mp3)

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