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holsteinlogoNews from the Holstein Association USA on recent events, a more indepth report on the Association’s board of director meeting can be found on their website.

The board of directors of Holstein Association USA, Inc. held its spring meeting March 22 and 23 in Brattleboro, Vt. Building on the knowledge and experience of its own leadership and management staff, the expertise of allied dairy leaders, and the Association’s member survey, the board spent the majority of its meeting on strategic planning. They reviewed in detail the strengths and weaknesses of the Association as well as the opportunities and challenges for the future of the U.S. dairy industry.

The board approved the following as the vision statement for the Association: “Holstein Association USA will lead a vibrant dairy industry.” The new mission statement approved by the board for the Association is: “Provide leadership, information and services to help members and dairy producers worldwide be successful.”

Chief Financial Officer Barbara Casna presented the audited December 31, 2006 Holstein Association financial statements to the board. Total Holstein Association revenues increased ten percent to $15,714,000 in 2006. The increase was mainly attributed to increased revenues from Holstein COMPLETE and increased ear tag sales. Operating expenses grew 11 percent to $15,430,000. 2006 ended on a positive note with the Holstein Association USA recognizing consolidated income from operations of $1,000.

Holstein Association USA announced the semifinalists in its 85th annual Distinguished Junior Member (DJM) Contest, and eight finalists in the fourth Young Distinguished Junior Member (YDJM) Contest. The Distinguished Junior Member semifinalists all have won the similar contest at their state level and will compete at the National Holstein Convention, June 23 – June 26, 2007 in Knoxville, Tennessee, to be named one of six National Finalists. The Distinguished Junior Member award is the highest honor the Association bestows upon its junior members.

The semifinalists in the 2007 Distinguished Junior Member contest are: Linda Behling, Fox Lake, Wis.; Greta Koebel, Three Oaks, Mich.; Paul Lippert, Pittsville, Wis.; John Mitchell, Winnebago, Ill.; Brenda Nelson, Winthrop, Minn.; Lana Olson, Hutchinson, Minn.; Tim Rauen, Farley, Iowa; Malorie Rhoderick, Mt. Airy, Md.; Brent Schuler, Fleetwood, Penn.; Matt Simon, Farley, Iowa; Chrissy Wendorf, Viroqua, Wis.; and Clayton Wood, Littlestown, Penn.

The Young Distinguished Junior Members for 2007 are: Jacob Brey, Sturgeon Bay, Wis.; Katie Hanehan, Stillwater, N.Y.; Kelly Lee, Johnson Creek, Wis.; Amanda Mohr, Glencoe, Minn.; Elizabeth Olson, Hutchinson, Minn.; Luke Rauen, Farley, Iowa; Austin Schwartzbeck, Union Bridge, Md.; and Corbin Wood, Littlestown, Penn.

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