Alice in Dairyland

Cindy Zimmerman

WDX AliceOur first official Milking Parlor podcast from World Dairy Expo is with the lovely and talented “Alice in Dairyland,” aka Jill Makovec.

“Alice in Dairyland is Wisconsin’s official spokesperson for agriculture,” she says. “Alice’s primary role is to educate people about the impact of agriculture here in the state.” Agriculture is a $51.5 billion industry in Wisconsin, with nearly half of that coming from the dairy industry. “So, it’s really important for Alice to do a lot of dairy related events,” said Alice. And World Dairy Expo is an especially important event since it draws so many visitors from around the nation and the world.

Alice/Jill is not just a spokesperson for the dairy industry – she comes from strong dairy industry stock. “My family has operated a dairy farm for over 100 years,” she says. Her goal after completing her year as Alice is to keep that farm operating on a smaller scale as an agritourism attraction. “This would be a great way for me to continue being Alice after my role, continue educating people about agriculture in Wisconsin, and still be able to keep the dairy farm in my family.”

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