CWT Export Assistance Bids

Chuck Zimmerman

Cooperatives Working TogetherHere’s the latest announcement from Cooperatives Working Together:

Cooperatives Working Together announced today that it accepted three export assistance bids last week for the sale of cheese and anhydrous milkfat.

All three bids were from Dairy Farmers of America of Kansas City, MO: one for the export of 209 metric tons (459,800 pounds) of Cheddar cheese to Japan; a second for 150 metric tons (330,000 lbs.) of anhydrous milkfat to Mexico; and a third for 60 metric tons (132,000 lbs.) of anhydrous milkfat to Russia.

CWT will pay an export bonus to the bidder, only when delivery of the product is verified by the submission of the required documentation.

With these accepted bids, CWT’s total 2008 export obligations are: whole milk powder, 170 metric tons (374,000 lbs.); butter, 291.2 metric tons (641,805 pounds); cheese, 209 metric tons (459,800 pounds); and anhydrous Milkfat, 210 metric tons (462,000).

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