Wendy’s to Serve Nesquik Milk

News Editor

Wendy’s Restaurants has announced that it will now be selling Nestle Nesquik milk and squeezable tubes of yogurt into all its 5,900 U.S. restaurants.

Wendy’s launched its Kids’ Meal Choices program in 2005 to let customers replace traditional sides like french fries and soft drinks with mandarin oranges, yogurt and milk, the company said.

The Nesquik milk will include white and chocolate 1-percent fat milk served in plastic bottles, eliminating Wendy’s 2-percent milk line. The “Squeezerz” yogurt tube will replace the chain’s yogurt cup, the company said.

“This is the first time that we’ve created a fortified white milk product and we’re pleased to debut it at Wendy’s alongside our chocolate-flavored milk,” Cathy Dean, brand manager for Nestle Nesquik, said in a release.

The restaurant chain initially served milk in cardboard containers and in 2004 rolled out its plastic milk bottles. The chain sells about 40 million bottles per year, said Wendy’s spokesman Bob Bertini. He did not disclose sales figures for the milk bottles or yogurt.

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