USDA Announces Dairy Board Members

Cindy Zimmerman

USDAUSDA has announced the appointment of eight new members and reappointment of five incumbents to the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board.

Newly appointed were: John B. Fiscalini, Modesto, Calif. (Region 2, shortened term); Ronald E. Shelton, Greeley, Colo. (Region 3); Harold A. Wick, Austin, Colo. (Region 3); Byron A. Lehman, Newton, Kan. (Region 4); Kenton W. Holle, Mandan, N.D. (Region 5); Sharon K. Laubscher, Wonewoc, Wis. (Region 6); Larry B. Jaggers, Glendale, Ky. (Region 8); and Ellen H. Paradee, Grand Isle, Vt. (Region 13).

Reappointed to serve second terms were: Ronald L. Koetsier, Visalia, Calif. (Region 2); William R. D. Anglin, Bentonville, Ark. (Region 4); Carl F. VanDen Avond, Luxemburg, Wis. (Region 6); Douglas D. Nuttelman, Stromsburg, Neb. (Region 7); and Carl A. Schmitz, Wadesville, Ind. (Region 9).

The National Dairy Promotion and Research Board, composed of 36 dairy farmers representing 13 regions of the contiguous United States, administers a coordinated program of promotion, research and nutrition education.

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