Oberweis Dairy has Number 1 Chocolate Milk

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Oberweis dairyOberweis Dairy announced that the company won first place at the 2009 World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest in the Low Fat Chocolate Milk category.

“We couldn’t more proud,” said Joe Oberweis, 4th generation family member and the company’s president. “Since the inception of our company in 1927, we have always strived to provide the freshest, best tasting dairy products possible. We appreciate the continued opportunity to delight our customers with delicious treats. This award is further confirmation of our dedication and commitment to our customers.”

The company’s award-winning chocolate milk is sold primarily in half-gallon glass bottles and is always made from milk produced by farmers who pledge not treat their cows with synthetic rBGH hormones. Oberweis Dairy farmers are paid a premium based on the measurable quality of the milk they produce. In addition to keeping milk colder and protecting the flavor, Oberweis Dairy’s use of glass bottles also protects the environment by reducing plastic waste. “At a time when individuals and communities are deeply concerned about the impact their consumption behavior has on the environment, Oberweis Dairy is committed to minimizing plastic waste attributable to traditional milk containers,” said Mr. Oberweis. “Our customers regularly tell us how much they appreciate the fact that they can get great tasting milk from Oberweis, while also making a positive impact on the environment by reducing waste and conserving resources.”

The company also sells a no sugar added version of its award-winning chocolate milk.

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