Jersey Association Reports Record Production

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JerseylogoThe American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) has announced that new records for production by Registered Jersey™ cows were established in 2009.

The official Jersey lactation average increased to 18,498 lbs. milk, 859 lbs. fat, and 666 lbs. protein. On a Cheddar cheese equivalent basis, average yield is 2,248 pounds. All are new category records.

A record 87,911 lactations were processed by the AJCA. This was a gain of 9,687 records (12.4%) over the previous year, and also represents a 22% increase in records processed since 2007.

The lactation average is calculated on a standardized 305-day, twice daily, mature equivalent (m.e.) basis.

Source: American Jersey Cattle Association

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