Tweet This

Amanda Nolz

Sara Long, communications manager at Michigan State University Department of Ag and Natural Resources, along with Celeste Laurent, agriculture communications major at Western Kentucky University, shared an interactive session during the Partner’s Program at GLRDC in MI titled, “Tweet This: LinkedIn to the World o Social Media.”

The goal of this session was the urge dairy producers to attempt using social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the first time. Here are a few tips and tricks provided by Laurent (pictured above) and Long during the presentation:

1. Be news junkys; spread the word and pass along interesting articles through tweets and Facebook status updates.

2. Appeal to consumers. Use the hashtag #moms to reach mothers about the importance of dairy in the diet.

3. Be transparent. Don’t be afraid to show your personality.

4. Post photos, share simple messages (“out milking cows!”) and stick to the basics.

5. Don’t get overwhelmed; just try a few things and see what social network fits your personality best.

Do you have questions, concerns or stories about your experiences using social media? Check out Laurent’s blog here and leave your thoughts in the comments section.