Marburger Dairy to be Featured on History Channel

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The History Channel will be highlighting Pennsylvania’s Marburger Farm Dairy and its famous buttermilk on the channel’s “Food Tech”. The episode will be broadcast on March 4 at 9:00 p.m. EST.

Food Tech host and self-proclaimed food connoisseur Bobby Bognar travels around the country breaking down exactly where and how food gets from the ground, farm or even factory all the way to the plate. Last year, for a segment on how buttermilk is made, he visited the Marburger Farm Dairy in Evans City.

“They were there for almost a whole day filming for a seven-minute segment on the hour-long show,” said sales representative Rita Marburger Reifenstein. “Instead of 15 minutes of fame, we have seven. We’re very excited.”

“A lot of people love their buttermilk. It’s a specialty item,” Ms. Reifenstein says on the show. “Older people remember it from their youth when grandma used to make it.”

Marburger Farm Dairy has been known for its buttermilk for well over 30 years, and in a recent competition was ranked in the top three in the U.S. The show doesn’t reveal any trade secrets, but Mr. Bognar tries his hand at milking a cow and adding the culture to the machinery that churns the milk.

Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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