The Hershey Company "Wraps"

News Editor

With Friday here, and the Northeast dealing with yet more snow, here’s a fun way to gear up for the weekend. The Hershey Company has released a “wrap” video featuring the Sniper Twins.

“We do a lot of wrapping with a ‘W.’ It’s an intentional play on words,” Hershey spokeswoman Jody Cook said of the new rap music video the company collaborated on this year.

It’s any chocolatier’s sweet dream. Titled “Chocolate Shoppe,” the music video, posted last week on YouTube, features Hershey employees rolling around the factory on office chairs, cocooning themselves in foil and spitting rhymes about dancing the “chocolate drop.”

Part of a strategy to reach a younger demographic through viral marketing and social media, Hershey teamed with the Sniper Twins, a New York City rap duo that has produced parody hip-hop clips about salad and computers.

In December, the Fortune 500 business opened the doors of its West Hershey Plant to Barry Flanagan, 28, and Dax Martinez-Vargas, 27. Seventeen factory workers performed in the video, Flanagan said. While some of the video performers, such as the “chocolate cop,” work for Hershey, no company executives make an appearance, Cook said.

“We hope everyone realizes this is supposed to be fun and a parody,” Cook said.

“It’s the coolness,” Flanagan said. “It’s really cool. For Hershey’s to get onboard with a hip-hop or rap song says a lot about their cool level.”

Source: Patriot News/Penn