Novus Partners with Enzyme Company for New Products

Cindy Zimmerman

Novus International will be expanding its animal nutrition products thanks to a new partnership with enzyme company Verenium.

novusThe focus of the partnership will target the development of products using Verenium enzymes for the global poultry, swine, beef, dairy, aquaculture and companion animals markets. “These new enzyme products will give us the ability to offer new solutions to the performance challenges our customers face,” said Novus International president and CEO Thad Simons.

Verenium is an industrial biotechnology company that develops high-performance enzymes for various industries, including biofuels.

Verenium“We are extremely enthusiastic about our partnership with Novus, the potential opportunity it represents for the continued development of our pipeline and for Verenium to become a more active participant in the animal health and nutrition marketplace with our suite of high-performance enzyme products,” said James Levine, President and Chief Executive Officer at Verenium.

Read more here from Novus and here from Verenium.

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