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Chuck Zimmerman

Every year the Cattlemen’s Beef Board serves some samples at World Dairy Expo. On opening day Angela Horkan, Wisconsin Beef Council (left) and Melissa Slagle, CBB, were serving meat balls made with veal. Mmm, mmm, good.

Angela says they like to come to Expo since 80% of their Checkoff funds come from the dairy industry. So the booth gives them a chance to talk with dairy producers about what the Beef Checkoff is doing. Melissa says she went on a farm tour the day before and talked with dairy and veal producers about their operations and what the Beef Checkoff is doing for them. She’s also encouraging producers to take a beef production practices survey at CattleSurvey.com. It’s the first year they’ve asked for producer input to learn about what they’re doing in their operations to ensure quality for the end product.

You can listen to my interview with Angela and Melissa here: Beef Board Interview

2011 World Dairy Expo Photo Album

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