Go Bold! With Butter

News Editor

A new website and blog, “Go Bold With Butter,” has launched. The campaign is presented by America’s Dairy Farmers® in partnership with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

“Go Bold With Butter” will serve as a virtual kitchen where consumers can interact with a team of butter enthusiasts who will tout the value and versatility of butter.

Nine dedicated bloggers were recruited to generate content for the blog, including recipes, photos and videos. Each will offer a unique perspective on the best way to create satisfying food experiences centered on butter. A Facebook page and Twitter profile have also been established to complement blog activity. The campaign will also use a Pinterest page, as that social media site is rapidly growing in popularity among users that this campaign is targeting.

“The preparation and enjoyment of food is one area of life where people’s experiences and expectations are very personal, and social media tools are perfect to help amplify those feelings,” said Mark Korsmeyer, President of ABI. “Butter marketers will greatly benefit from this new campaign, because it will create real connections among butter enthusiasts, while helping to educate a new generation about why butter is best for cooking and baking.”

The promotion of the blog and its digital companions is largely driven by online advertising. This includes targeted online and Facebook ad executions to fulfill advertising support of the Go Bold With Butter blog with a seasonal emphasis.

Irv Holmes, Chair of ABI’s Marketing Committee, said: “At a time when we’re witnessing new trends in cuisine – an emphasis on simplicity and authenticity, coupled with a curiosity about bold new flavors – we need to help connect those who have a do-it-yourself ethic with our products. Go Bold With Butter, leveraged across a variety of social media platforms, is a new type of marketing to help engage these consumers.”

Source: The American Butter Institute