Steuernagel Wins Service Award

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Congratulations to Gerald “Jerry” Steuernagel, of Dresser, Wis., for receiving the National Dairy Herd Information Association’s (DHIA) Outstanding Service Award!

With an extensive background in dairy records processing and educating dairy producers on effectively using DHI records, Steuernagel has spent more than a decade as the Quality Certification Services (QCS) Dairy Records Processing Center (DRPC) auditor. In this position, Steuernagel works closely with a couple volunteer herds to create test herds each month for the DRPCs to process. He verifies results and works with DRPC employees to resolve discrepancies.

Prior to working for QCS as a contract employee, Steuernagel served as a Minnesota Extension dairy specialist for more than 30 years. He spent a lot of time developing and implementing educational programs that helped dairy producers analyze and make successful business management decisions based on DHI records. Steuernagel also had responsibilities for the state’s dairy genetics program. The Extension position evolved and later he worked with dairy producers and their advisers to develop advisory teams to create and execute effective business plans and animal husbandry practices.

Steuernagel earned a bachelor’s degree in dairy husbandry and master’s and doctorate degrees in animal science from the University of Minnesota. His graduate school program involved working with Minnesota DRPC. After earning his doctorate degree, he managed this DRPC as part of his Extension Service appointment. Steuernagel managed this DRPC until it ceased to exist.

Source: National DHIA

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