Cheese Plants in Wis. Growing

News Editor

Wisconsin will be getting three new cheese plants in the state. Emmi Roth USA is expanding its Wisconsin operations to produce specialty cheese. BelGioioso Cheese Inc. is building another plant in Pulaski, Wis. and Holland’s Family Cheese LLC will expand it’s facitily in Thorp, Wis.

Emmi Roth wanted to expand its Monroe operations but needed access to more dairy herds and a larger production facility. The European-based company had $180 million in sales in 2011 and projects $400 million in sales by 2015.

BelGioioso Cheese has five plants in the area now, with each plant specializing in a particular cheese, according to the company’s website.

Wisconsin leads the nation in cheese production, and there are more cheese plants here now than there were 10 years ago, said John Umhoefer, executive director of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association.

There are 135 plants, up from 120 a decade ago.

Source: Journal Sentinel