New App Dairy Market Central Available

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Dairy farmers now have a custom tool at their fingertips – “Dairy Market Central,” a new app for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets combining the latest news, markets, weather and resources. The app was released by Merck Animal Health and was created in partnership with Hoard’s Dairyman magazine. Dairy Market Central is free to download via the iTunes Store and Google Play (formerly Android Market).

The Dairy Market Central app includes:
News feed by Hoard’s Dairyman
CME markets
USDA dairy, hay and auction reports
Industry resources like futures, heifer prices and economic outlooks

Hoard’s Dairyman magazine provides the news feed with content updated daily. The Hoard’s Dairyman online database is accessible exclusively to subscribers using iPads and 10.1-inch Android tablets.

The app provides users a quick summary of dairy commodity markets with more detailed information available by simply selecting the commodity. It lists current prices on a variety of markets, from cheese and fluid milk contracts to cow sale prices. The latest U.S. Department of Agriculture dairy, hay and auction reports also are easily accessible. All versions of Dairy Market Central show the latest weather information, including current conditions, forecasts, and severe weather alerts.

Additional resources, such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Daily Dairy Report, long-term corn and soybean forecasts, regional heifer prices and economic outlook reports, are available on the app for iPads and 10.1-inch Android tablets.

Source: Merck Animal Health

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