Cow's Match WarmFront Milk Replacer Introduced

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Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products introduces Cow’s Match® WarmFront™ calf milk replacer, formulated with a unique combination of carbohydrates correctly balanced for when temperatures moderate.

In warm weather conditions, calves’ energy requirements for maintenance are reduced. Transitioning to WarmFront™ calf milk replacer results in greater feed efficiency and bottom line potential. Cow’s Match®WarmFront™ calf milk replacer also provides the most optimal protein-to-energy ratio milk replacer when cold stress is no longer a factor.

Cow’s Match® WarmFront™ and ColdFront™ calf milk replacer formulas represent a new way to approach calf nutrition. “With the introduction of WarmFront™ calf milk replacer, dairy producers can now offer a full potential milk replacer program formulated for the calf’s environment,” says Dr. Tom Earleywine, technical services director for Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products. “Seasonal feeding is the ideal approach to calf nutrition.”

In cooler temperatures, calves require more dietary energy for maintenance of body condition, optimal growth and immune function. Cow’s Match® ColdFront™ calf milk replacer helps address periods of cold stress. With the addition of WarmFront™, this two-phase system of feeding is designed to be more cost-efficient in meeting the calf’s needs for full potential growth and future productivity potential.

Feeding a calf to its full potential requires getting the right amount of nutrition delivered in the calf’s diet. Intake is most often the limiting factor. More frequent daily feedings, feeding higher amounts of milk replacer, and automatic feeders are excellent ways to deliver full potential feeding. Cow’s Match® WarmFront™ and ColdFront™ calf milk replacers are ideally suited for any full potential feeding program.

Cow’s Match® WarmFront™ formula calf milk replacer should be transitioned into the calf feeding program when seasonally cool weather conditions subside. WarmFront™ features all-milk protein, an enhanced fatty acid profile, L-carnitine, and Digestarom® to optimize intake. WarmFront™ is also available with ClariFly® Larvicide and Bovatec®.

Source: Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Company

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