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More than 120 students, from 32 colleges, participated in the 11th annual Dairy Challenge®, hosted by Virginia Tech and North Carolina State University.

This innovative educational program – North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge® (NAIDC) – has helped prepare 3500 students for careers in the dairy industry, dairy production and veterinary medicine. At Dairy Challenge, each team of four students puts textbook knowledge to the ultimate test – consulting for an actual dairy. In addition to this consulting competition, students have ample networking and educational opportunities.

In the 2012 Dairy Challenge, First Place awards were earned by Cornell University, University of Guelph, The Ohio State University and University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Each first-place team member received a $200 scholarship.

The team from Cornell consisted of Theodore Christoph, Daniel Durfee, Jordan Fisher and Ariel Garland, coached by Michael Van Amburgh. Members of the Guelph team were Christopher Bartels, Wade Deaken, Robyn Walsh and Mark Wynands, with coach John Walton. The Ohio State team included Kevin Jacque, Melinda Miller, Emily Stayduhar, Kati Stevens and coach Maurice Eastridge. The team from UW-Platteville included Michele Belling, Adam Cook, Kelli Fischer and Adam Kolb, coached by Chuck Steiner.

The following teams and students were awarded Second Place, with each student earning a $100 scholarship.
· California Polytechnic State University: Sal Costilla, David Jones, Tyler Kamper, Jacqueline Van Beek and Coach Stan Henderson
· Kansas State University: Austin Pacey, John White, Katie Wooten, Kotie Wooten and Coach Mike Brouk
· Utah State University: Karmella Dolecheck, Lacey Herbst, Misha Regouski, Tessa Verburg and Coach Justin Jenson
· Virginia Tech: Lindsay Hetrick, Karl Paulson, Chris Potts, Lauryn Singer and Coaches Mark Hanigan and Bob James

Other participating colleges were Alabama A&M University, University of Alberta, Berry College, Clemson University, Delaware Valley College, University of Florida, University of Idaho,University of Illinois, Iowa State University, University of Maine, University of Massachusetts, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, Morrisville State College, University of New Hampshire, North Carolina State University, Penn State University, Purdue University, South Dakota State University, University of Vermont, Washington State University, Western Kentucky University, University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

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