DBMMC Opposes Dairy Policy

News Editor

The Dairy Business Milk Marketing Cooperative (DBMMC) Board of Directors has voted to oppose the dairy policy included in the draft 2012 Farm Bill recently released by the Senate Agriculture Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow and Ranking Member Pat Roberts.

DBMMC has gone on record as opposing all government run efforts to limit milk production which will harm the future of the dairy industry.

The success of the U.S. dairy industry is dependent upon being a consistent supplier of dairy exports. Placing artificial limitations on milk production will weaken our stance in the world marketplace and allow another country to meet the demands of the growing population.

The removal of the market stabilization program from the draft 2012 Farm Bill is necessary for the future success of all dairy farmers. The inclusion of this limit will prevent dairy businesses across the country from growing.

DBMMC supports alternative policies that encourage growth and success of dairies by creating better risk management tools that will protect producers during times of high input costs or low milk prices. DBMMC is currently studying options and will continue to work toward improving the 2012 Farm Bill.

Source: Dairy Business Milk Marketing Cooperative