Growing Corn and Raw Milk

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No, these don’t go together except that they are the subjects of our last and new weekly polls.

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “With all of the discussion on projected corn acres this year, how many acres of corn do you expect to plant this year?” A full third of respondents said More than 2,000 acres. That was followed by less than 200 acres at 27%; 200-500 acres at 23%; 1,501-2,000 at 7%; 1,001-1,500 at 7% and 501-1,000 at 3%. Looks like we have a wide cross section of corn growers in the ZimmComm News Network community!

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “Should raw milk be allowed for sale?” This week’s question is prompted by one of the panelists here at the 2012 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit. She is a reporter with a food safety publication who says that this issue is the one that gets the most comments and response of any other. Seems people get pretty passionate about their beliefs when it comes to milk. Raw milk is still the suspect in an E. Coli breakout with 14 confirmed cases in central Missouri that put a couple of people in the hospital. What do you think?

Let your friends and neighbors know they can participate by sharing this link.

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  1. david

    Raw milk is sold regularly in almost every modern country in the world with no more problems then our boiled milk. However the giant commercial dairy companies want you to fear it because they might lose a nickel if you don’t buy their toxic products.

  2. Wendie Williams

    Yes, raw milk should be allowed for sale by small dairies/farms that treat their cows humanely and feed them their natural diet of GRASS (instead of grains that are hard on their digestive systems and can cause an imbalance in their intestinal flora). Small dairies/farms are better equipped than Big Dairy to effectively monitor cleanliness standards and the health of their cows so, really, the raw milk business should be left to those who know what they’re doing, care about their cows, and care about people, NOT those who just see dollar signs..

  3. Alice

    The problem with the survey is that it does not really address the right question.

    Raw milk should be available. But not all raw milk. Commercial milk needs to be pasturized, as the cows diet encourages bacteria, and factory farm milking speed lacks cleanliness.

    Now milk from grass fed cows already reduces drastically the bacteria from the cow. Small farms can cater to cleanliness.

    Ok, so regulate….but not in limited fashion. Let the people have whatever they want from the farm gate.

    Only milk for sale to the public, in local stores would need to be regulated.

    Thanks for doing the survey

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