Holstein True Type Update

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Catch-up on the third installment from Bonnie Mohr, as she re-creates the True Type Holstein Cow and Bull images, commissioned by Holstein Association USA.

Bonnie’s Blog #3: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Doing these colossal paintings is sort of like getting in the car in New York City and driving to San Francisco, without a road map. You have your own instincts and intuition to rely on, and that’s about it. Oh, and be there in less than a week.

Now, I’ve had way more time than this to produce these two paintings, but it is lapsing to the equivalent of what seems like a week. There are days I sit in my painting chair for 10 hours straight, with only a few short eat/bathroom breaks, and look at one of the paintings at the end of the day and hardly notice what I accomplished! Yet – both are starting to take shape nicely, and the excitement is building!

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Source: Holstein Association USA

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