Wisconsin Picks & Bites

News Editor

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has a new program for foodservice professionals, retailers and consumers alike who love cheese. Called Wisconsin Cheese Picks & Bites℠, the program offers more than 50 hand-held cheese creations for all to enjoy!

Each petite pick or bite combines Wisconsin Cheese with a few luscious ingredients that deliver irresistible flavor combinations and easy preparation. The choices range from savory to sweet and rely on fresh ingredients for contemporary appeal.

Restaurateurs can enliven a bar menu with choices from the eclectic collection as well as feature the Picks & Bites℠ as zesty appetizers. Their colorful eye appeal makes them a perfect garnish to a salad, soup or entrée. And, they offer great pairing opportunities, especially as a garnish for today’s popular cocktails. Sweet selections are a creative addition to the mini dessert plate, and the expansive choices encourage signature cheese course options.

Caterers can take advantage of these creative cheese applications, and will find selections make an outstanding passed hors d’oevre and buffet attention-grabber.

Retailers will find a wide variety of in-store promotional possibilities with Picks & Bites℠. WMMB has developed a variety of in-store merchandising materials to support this new addition to its popular in-store Toolbox retail programming that includes a recipe brochure, counter cards, iron man signage and table tents. The selection also is an innovative way for shoppers to sample new cheeses or enhance a deli or prepared food display. Several picks can be grouped to sell in the prepared foods section, especially for home entertaining occasions.

Consumers, too, can easily and quickly compose Picks & Bites℠ for entertaining and other special occasions. Many are simple enough to engage the entire family in kitchen duty while offering kids an educational opportunity and enticement to try new cheeses and the fresh ingredients that complement them.

A downloadable Picks & Bites℠ brochure, featuring photos and ingredient listings for each item is available to trade and consumers online.

Source: Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board