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Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “Is Atrazine lawsuit settlement good for farmers?” We posed this question after a lawsuit against Syngenta related to the herbicide was settled with an offer of over $100 million by the company, even thought there has been no evidence of harm in drinking water caused by the product and the plaintiffs in the lawsuit acknowledged they had not commissioned any research on the subject or seen any new research to the contrary either.

Our poll results: Sixty percent said Yes, time to move on; twenty eight percent said No, still other challenges and twelve percent chose Other.

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “Do you prefer corn sugar to high fructose corn syrup?” Recently the FDA denied a request from the Corn Refiners Association to allow food labels to use the term corn sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Nutritionally, there is no difference in regular table sugar and HFCS so I don’t see why FDA ruled like they did. There reasoning had to do with their definition of sugar as a crystalline solid. This is basically a public relations war over words since the “problem” with both substances is how much someone consumes. Nothing wrong with cane sugar or corn sugar in my opinion. I like them both. Apparently consumers like HFCS better according to this story. What do you think?

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  1. Deborah Terreson

    I prefer savory flavors and if there is to be any sweetness in something, it will be honey that is used.

    How wide DOES the average American woman’s behind or the average man’s belly have to get before we realize “Houston, we have a problem..” with the food-lobby’s insistence that everything under the sun taste like the fare at an 8-year olds’ birthday party?

    I’ve been 13 years in the Nielsen Homescan Shopping (Now called NCP) and I’m well aware of your marketing tactics given that I have to pay attention to the items I buy. A decade ago I stopped eating corn in any and EVERY form (HFCS/Corn Sugar or whatever name it’s known as now as well) I could find it. Corn on the cob as well, and without exercising, without cutting portions, or counting calories LOST 20 pounds.

    Think about how NOT EATING CORN stopped my metabolism from packing ON weight and instead it dropped back to what it was in my 20’s.

    Let me ask the Corn Lobby and all of the industrial growers here ONE question:

    Given that 75% of ALL COST in healthcare is *chronic* and diet-related (this from the CDC and NIH), how much money out of your profits and wallets are you willing to see go into the soon-to-be mandatory insurance premiums?

    These premiums will be based on the medical costs of the *average* over-weight, pre-diabetic consumer.

    What percentage will be to cover the costs of the 45 million, uninsured, MOSTLY low-income Americans that eat, most often, over-refined low-quality ‘product’ made with the largest amounts per-serving of your corn sugars?

    How much ARE you willing to see taken from your own profits to pay insurance in order for you to keep selling this metabolic poison – as more and more of the mindless, carb-addicted, consuming public gets fatter and sicker?

    How many insurance ‘straws’ does it take to break the ‘corn syrup’ camel’s back?

    It’s going to be interesting to find out, isn’t it?

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