New Artisanal Cheese Plant in Wis.

News Editor

Emmi-Roth USA will build an artisanal cheese plant in Platteville, Wis.T he company estimating it would employ from 32 to 60 employees, depending on future expansion plans.

The company will produce Grand Cru cheese, a type of Gruyere. This product recently won several top awards at the International Cheese Competition held in Madison, Wis.

Emmi Roth also has a cheese plant in Monroe, Wis., known as the Swiss Cheese Capital of the country.

Prosperity Southwest Wisconsin said the new plant will bring European technology to the U.S. The plant will utilize both copper and stainless steel in its cheese making process, along with the leading edge of computer automation in the dairy industry.

As an incentive, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is providing the company up to $500,000 in tax credits and a $600,000 loan to assist in the expansion. The tax credits will be distributed annually in direct relation to the number of jobs retained over a three-year period, based on the number of new, full-time positions created. The low interest forgivable loan is for seven years and is also based on number of jobs employed. The loan also requires that 80 percent of the milk come from Wisconsin dairy producers. The firm wanted to be close to a good supply of milk and in a city with water treatment facilities, so it would not have to treat its own wastewater.

Source: Area Development Online