Dairy Producer Sees Big Returns on Beef Checkoff Dollars

John Davis

While dairy producers obviously produce large amounts of milk and milk products, they are also cattlemen, and look to the Beef Checkoff to help market their meat products. One such producer is third-generation Oklahoma family dairy farmer Brett Morris, who also has a cow-calf and stocker operation. He also happens to chair the Beef Board’s Retail Committee.

Brett says the work of the Retail Committee is very important, as the members partner with National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) staff to look at what works and what doesn’t for retailers. “In certain areas, there was a $39 return for every $1 invested in the Beef Checkoff,” he explains. But he says the payoff doesn’t happen by accident. All beef producers, whether they are dairymen or some other type of producer, need to get involved. “The general public is very uneducated about what we do on the farm, and I think any dairy farmer or beef producer, either one, needs to get involved.” He encourages other producers to get involved in educating the public by partnering with retailers to highlight beef in their stores.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Brett here: Interview with Brett Morris

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