Webinar to Address Nutrition Issues Raised by Drought

John Davis

This year’s severe drought in corn country, and the subsequent high prices and lowered availability of corn, has prompted a lot of questions from dairy producers about whether they can substitute fats for cereal grains. Virtus Nutrition will try to answer some of those questions during a webinar entitled “Fat vs. Corn: Time to Re-evaluate” hosted by Dr. Tom Jenkins of Clemson University this Thursday, September 13th at 4 pm EDT:

The webinar is appropriate for dairy producers and nutrition professionals and will feature an interactive session with Dr. Jenkins on the following topics:

1) Methods for evaluating fat vs. corn for your ration.
2) Strategies for improving ration ROI with fat.
3) Corn vs. Fat comparisons of energy density and availability for milk production.

Dr. Jenkins, a highly regarded animal nutrition researcher and a consummate teacher, has devoted the last 30 years to exploring important areas of lipid metabolism in dairy cattle.

The free, 20-minute webinar will be followed with questions and answers. You can send your questions in advance to thefattyacidforum@virtusnutrition.com. Sign up for the webinar at the Virtus Nutrition website at www.virtusnutrition.com/thefattyacidforum.

corn, dairy farming