International Dairy Person of the Year

Cindy Zimmerman

Each year at World Dairy Expo, the “cream of the crop” in several categories are honored – not only cows, but people too!

Among the honorees this year at the annual “Dinner with the Stars” banquet was International Dairy Person of the Year Dr. Abelardo Martinez, who is editor and publisher of Hoard’s Dairyman en Español, Tlalnepantla, Mexico.

Martinez has been the publisher and editor of Hoard’s Dairyman en Español since it was started in 1994. “That’s my main occupation, but I’m also a veterinarian, a writer and an adviser for dairy farms in several countries all over Latin America,” said Martinez, who says it is an honor to be named International Person of the Year for the dairy industry. “I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to promote the dairy industry, not only through my medicine but through my teaching career and the dairy farms where I have been able to have some influence.”

Martinez has served in industry leadership positions, including general secretary of the Mexican Association of Bovine Practitioners and president of the Expo Leche Conference.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Martinez here: Interview with Abelardo Martinez

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