Curtimade Dairy Goes Solar

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Curtimade Dairy based in Tulare, California, has added solar energy into its agribusiness operations. The 100 year old, 3,000 cow dairy business recently completed the installation of a 719 kilowatt (kW) solar array featuring SunSeek Tracker, a technology developed by SPG Solar.  It is estimated Curtimade will save $145,000 per year in energy costs and fuels nearly 85 percent of the farm’s operations.

During an open house, Ben Curti, fourth-generation owner of Curtimade Dairy, said, “It’s the easiest crop we have; it just sits there, produces and I can count on it to keep making me money. For agricultural businesses here in the Central Valley, solar makes sense since it helps us lower our operating costs and improve our bottom line.”

In Tulare County, they are helping local businesses save on energy costs by adding solar energy. One goal is to create an easier process to get a solar permit.

“It was a fantastic opportunity for producers to see a large-scale system up close and get comfortable with the technology,” added Dylan Dupre, SPG Solar’s vice president of business development. “The open house allowed us to show them how they can go solar with no upfront capital outlay, see immediate savings in Year 1, and gain long-term control of their energy prices.”

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  1. Mike Muller

    BIOGAS Equity 2, Inc. has a patented biogas process that will be very efficient when applied to manure. Now that SP1122 has passed and we have formed the Biogas Association of California, we expect several efficient biogas plants to be installed at larger dairies to produce low cost energy for the farm, transfer access energy to local businesses, create a fertilizer that is easier absorbed by plants and reduce odor. Most of all our patented system helps the environment by capturing the methane.

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