New Pioneer Alfalfa Products Available for Western Regions

Melissa Sandfort

Two new versatile alfalfa varieties from DuPont Pioneer, bred to thrive in high-stress environments or high-yielding irrigated production areas, will be available in western states for 2013.

Tested extensively by Pioneer researchers in university trials and on farms, Pioneer® brand alfalfa varieties 55Q27 and 55VR05 have been selected for disease resistance, adaptability to different cutting systems, winter weathering abilities, versatility and high-yield potential.

Adapted for three-to-four cut and four-to-five cut systems, both products provide high-quality forage and maximum tonnage along with strong agronomic packages.

Both 55Q27 and 55VR05 alfalfa varieties are rated a five for dormancy, which allows the alfalfa plants to grow season-long and improve late-harvest yield potential. Each variety also shows resistance to key diseases, including verticillium wilt, bacterial wilt, Fusarium wilt and phytophthora root rot. 55Q27 is a conventional, broadly adapted variety with specific resistance to the pea aphid and spotted aphid.

55VR05, a medium multi-foliate variety, contains the Genuity® Roundup Ready® trait for additional weed control flexibility. This new variety carries a rating of high resistance for stem nematode. It is also winter-hardy and well-suited to western irrigated areas.

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