Chobani Introduces New Products

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Chobani FlipChobani will release several new products for 2013. The company introduces Chobani Flip and Chobani Champions Tubes to its line.

Chobani Flip follows the trend of ingredient mix-ins for yogurt. Each container’s lid can be flipped to reveal a side compartment with flavored mix-ins. The 5.3-ounce containers come in these flavor pairings: Vanilla Golden Crunch — vanilla nonfat yogurt with cornflakes, honey oats and pecans; Key Lime Crumble — Key Lime low-fat yogurt with graham crumble and white chocolate; Strawberry Sunrise — strawberry nonfat yogurt with honey oats; Honey Beenana — honey low-fat yogurt with banana; Almond Coco Loco — coconut low-fat yogurt with dark chocolate and sliced toasted almonds; and Raspberry Choco Fix — vanilla chocolate chip low-fat yogurt with raspberries.

New to the Champion’s line are Tubes, squeezable on-the-go authentic Greek-style yogurt geared towards children. It comes in four kid-friendly flavors: Jammin’ strawberry, Chillin’ cherry, Rockin’ blueberry and Swirlin’ strawberry banana.

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