Chobani Introduces New Products

News Editor

Chobani FlipChobani will release several new products for 2013. The company introduces Chobani Flip and Chobani Champions Tubes to its line.

Chobani Flip follows the trend of ingredient mix-ins for yogurt. Each container’s lid can be flipped to reveal a side compartment with flavored mix-ins. The 5.3-ounce containers come in these flavor pairings: Vanilla Golden Crunch — vanilla nonfat yogurt with cornflakes, honey oats and pecans; Key Lime Crumble — Key Lime low-fat yogurt with graham crumble and white chocolate; Strawberry Sunrise — strawberry nonfat yogurt with honey oats; Honey Beenana — honey low-fat yogurt with banana; Almond Coco Loco — coconut low-fat yogurt with dark chocolate and sliced toasted almonds; and Raspberry Choco Fix — vanilla chocolate chip low-fat yogurt with raspberries.

New to the Champion’s line are Tubes, squeezable on-the-go authentic Greek-style yogurt geared towards children. It comes in four kid-friendly flavors: Jammin’ strawberry, Chillin’ cherry, Rockin’ blueberry and Swirlin’ strawberry banana.

Source: Dairy Foods