Deans Closing Shenandoah’s Pride Plant

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Dean Foods Co. is closing its Shenandoah’s Pride plant in Springfield, Va.

Deans says that production at the facility will stop over the next two months, and that the 91-year-old Shenandoah’s Pride brand would be phased out. It will be replaced with two other Dean brands: Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms and PET.

“We regret the impact that this decision will have on our employees and our community. The decision to eliminate jobs in any part of our business is never an easy one,” wrote Dean Foods spokesman Jamaison Schuler in an emailed statement. “We need to improve our supply chain capability, and operating fewer plants will help us streamline our operations. The decision to discontinue production at this location does not reflect the quality of work performed by our employees, but the competitive nature of the marketplace.”

Dean Foods plans to sell that site.

Source: Washington Business Journal

Dairy Business News EditorDeans Closing Shenandoah’s Pride Plant

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  1. John

    Lehigh Valley Dairy can’t handle the milk they are receiving now let alone all the extra that will be coming with them shutting down Shenandoah. Also they don’t want to pay waiting time for drivers having to sit around and wait for the incompetent workers to do their jobs. Real smart business move. NOT!!!!

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