Beef Checkoff Executive Report

Cindy Zimmerman

Polly RuhlandCattlemen’s Beef Board CEO Polly Ruhland says the summer industry meeting in Denver is about strategy where “the rubber meets the road.”

At the general session, Ruhland talked about the new committee structure and shorter format for the conference. “The format focuses more on strategy and the consumer directly than our old format did,” she said in an interview at the meeting. “Our volunteer leaders spend a lot of time working on the beef checkoff, time away from their farms and ranches, so we condensed the schedule to allow them to work real hard while they’re here and it is fast paced but they’re away from their places less.

Ruhland says that during the summer meeting committees meet and provide feedback to contractors about projects in progress or being proposed. She says it’s a process that includes as next steps, board approval of the budget and then work plans will be looked at by the operating committee in September. Interview with Polly Ruhland

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