Butter Cow Secruity T-Shirts Sell Out

News Editor

butter-cow-securityshirtA few weeks ago, the Iowa State Fair butter cow was vandalized by a group of animal rights activists. Fans of the butter cow have taken action and are donning “Butter Cow Security” t-shirts!

According to WOI-TV, the bright yellow “Butter Cow Security” t-shirts could be seen across the fairgrounds. The Blue Ribbon Foundation has already sold nearly 6,000 shirts to the cow’s fans.

“You know what, in a sense,” said Robin Taylor, the Blue Ribbon Foundation Assistant Director. click image to zoomIowa Butter CowUncredited/APAccording to NPR, this photo was provided by the Iowans for Animal Liberation and shows the defaced 2013 butter cow at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa. “We’re going to make lemons out of lemonade and just really show how much people love their Iowa State Fair and the butter cow.”

“It just seemed like everyone rose up to serve and protect the butter cow and what the Iowa State Fair means to them,” he added.

Fans are buying up the shirts faster than the company can sell them. The fair ends on Aug. 18, but those who are still interested in buying the shirt can purchase it here.

All proceeds from the shirts go toward updating and renovating the fairgrounds.

Source: Dairy Herd Management