NPPC Environmental Issues Update

Cindy Zimmerman

wpx14-nppc-prez-electNational Pork Producers Council (NPPC) president-elect Dr. Ron Prestage of South Carolina provided an update on some environmental issues on the forefront for the hog industry during World Pork Expo last week.

First of all, Prestage says pork producers are encouraged by Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy, who has been in the position for the past year or so. “We’re hopeful that she will be reasonable and apply commonsense in what’s used for regulatory authority with pork producers and agriculture in general,” he said. “Our assumption, unless she proves differently, is that she’s going to be a breath of fresh air and have a much more proactive approach to working with agriculture.”

That being said, Prestage says they are very concerned about the EPA’s proposed Waters of the United States regulation under the Clean Water Act. “On one hand, they want to be cooperative with agriculture, and that’s a good thing. On the second hand, if they’re going to tell us we have to have permits because we have a small ditch that runs across a corn field or a swine facility, that doesn’t make any sense to us at all.” Prestage adds that NPPC will be working aggressively to keep that rule from being implemented.

Prestage also discussed the U.S. Department of Transportation Hours-of-Service requirement for the transportation of livestock, which on Friday was granted a one-year exemption.

NPPC Environmental Update at World Pork Expo

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