#Feedthe9 with More Pork, Fewer Resources

Cindy Zimmerman

wpx14-elanco-robWhat if the world could produce 50% more pork using 434 million tons less feed, on 262 million less acres, and with 260 billion gallons less water? Think that’s possible? Well, Elanco Animal Health does.

“Currently we’re able to produce enough pork for everyone across the globe to have access to 10.7 ounces of pork per week,” says Rob Aukerman, president of U.S. Operations for Elanco. By the year 2050, the demand for pork is expected to increase to 12 ounces per person per week. “That doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you consider that’s a 12-13% increase in per person consumption and you factor in that the population is going to grow nearly 30%, that translates into a need for 50% more pork.”

That would mean the industry would need to add 710 million more pigs, in addition to a 50 percent increase in resource use. But Aukerman says there is a better way. “The answer is a combination of increasing the number of pigs some, but more focused on efficiencies, producing more pork in less days.” And that requires acceptance of innovation and best practices, and the ability to bring new technologies and practices to the market. Interview with Rob Aukerman, Elanco

wpx14-elanco-baumAukerman and swine consultant Dr. Mike Brumm gave a presentation at World Pork Expo last week on how continuing innovation can help feed a growing world population.

“Around the world, the U.S. is looked at as the leader in pork production,” said Brumm. “So we are clearly an important component in meeting the world’s animal protein needs.” Pork is currently the number one source of animal protein globally and that is only expected to increase, so Brumm says it’s important for the United States to continue leading the way toward greater pork production with less resources.

Presentation by Elanco's Rob Aukerman and Dr. Mike Brumm

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