EPA Chief to Explain Water Rule in Missouri

Cindy Zimmerman

epa-ginaEnvironmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy will travel to Missouri this week to defend and explain the Administration’s proposed rules defining Waters of the United States (WOTUS) under the Clean Water Act (CWA).

“I’m hoping that this trip helps us ‘ditch the myths’ and misinformation,” said McCarthy during a media call this morning in an obvious reference to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s “Ditch the Rule” campaign opposed to the proposed rule.

On Wednesday, McCarthy will visit Missouri crop and livestock farmer Bill Heffernan to view soil conservation practices used to protect local waterways. On Thursday, she will deliver a speech on Waters of the US at the Kansas City Agribusiness Council Luncheon.

McCarthy called some of the beliefs about the rule “ludicrous” and “just silly” including that EPA will be regulating puddles of water and ditches. “In this proposal for the first time ever we’re making it clear that we don’t regulate all ditches,” she said. “And some say you need to get a permit if your cattle walk across a stream, that’s also ludicrous. All normal farming practices are exempt. Period.”

Listen to her comments and questions from the media here. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy press call

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